Time for a connectivity upgrade?

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A slow loading web browser can be frustrating. So can a temperamental internet connection. Even downloading a file which takes what feels like forever or when your video call keeps freezing can be annoying and unproductive.
An underachieving connectivity problem could be slowing you down. When you invest in technology for your business, you need to make sure it is reliable.
If your business suffers from any of the above issues, it might be time for a connectivity upgrade.
Did you know, upgrading to a leased line could change your business for the better? Discover more below.


A Leased Line could benefit your growing business.

Once your workforce starts to expand or you have multiple sites, we would recommend moving to a leased line. A leased line provides a reliable business broadband connection, no matter if you’re rurally based or in the city.
As an uncontended product, your connection is dedicated solely to your business. You won’t need to worry about sharing your bandwidth with anyone else, plus you’ll get exceptional speeds that never, ever slow down, no busy period and no variable line quality.


A Leased Line is a great choice if you use Cloud Services.

If you’re using the cloud for storage or using a cloud-based phone system, a reliable connection is imperative. If you’re unable to access your system, you risk bad customer service and losing business.
Find out more about our connectivity here.


A Leased Line makes sending large files quick and easy.

If you regularly need to send and download large files or you use data-hungry cloud applications, a leased line is a great choice. Say goodbye to long download or upload times – leased lines are synchronous meaning you get the same transfer speed in both directions.


You’ve got protection if there’s an outage.

Leased Lines are a business focussed connectivity solution with a service level agreement. Should there be an outage, the SLA is like insurance – you get guaranteed fix times, and the most dependable internet connection possible for your business.


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