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EAS-y Hosted Telephony

Today it’s all about using communications to work smarter; when a business is able to place calls over the internet it will instantly reduce call costs and increase productivity.
A hosted telephony or VoIP system is not a convenient, low-cost telephone substitute, it’s a fully-integrated communications solution that unifies all your systems and links multiple sites, therefore providing your business the scalability and flexibility that it needs now and in the future.

Network Cabling

From adding additional cabling in existing set-ups or relocation of existing systems to installing cabling in new buildings.

WiFi Solutions

An agile workforce is a productive workforce.
That’s why our WiFi connectivity empowers your people to work effectively – unrestricted by the network cables that tie them to their desks. Enabling them to get the important things done, regardless of where they are.
But fast, reliable WiFi isn’t just about boosting staff productivity. It’s about enhancing the experience of your customers and visitors too.


From Broadband to Ethernet and WAN, not all connectivity is the same.
At EAS we offer three major options for UK businesses.

Ethernet Leased Line

Increase business productivity and efficiency with our Leased Lines.
Whether you’re looking for site-to-site connectivity or a dedicated route to the internet for guaranteed performance and reliability, talk to us about our Leased Lines options, call us on 01202 614061.

Remote Working Services & Solutions

Remote Working solutions to keep you connected, no matter where your teams are
Remote working solutions allow for business continuity. At EAS we understand now more than ever how important it is for your employees to be able to work from home effectively to ensure maximum productivity and to keep communicating.

With more businesses now operating with a remote and flexible workforce, we’re here to provide expert support with our range of reliable and affordable remote working solutions. Let us help you boost your business communications.

Coventional Telephone System Maintenance

Digital telephone systems are still very much the focus of a huge amount of companies which have not yet moved across to IP or Hosted telephony.
A digital telephone system is what is known as a conventional telephone system- A piece of equipment located on site with handsets which are wired or wirelessly linked back to that system.

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