How our clients save money with SOGEA

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 SOGEA Conversions

What is Sogea in the world of business telecoms?

SOGEA stands for Single Order Generic Ethernet Access

It allows our customers to have Fibre Broadband alongside their cloud phone system but without having to have a voice line.

This allows us to save our customers money due to the fact that they are not having to pay for dial tone/line rental as a service.

As a leading VoIP provider, all of our new Fibre to the Cabinet broadband services since January 2022 have been SOGEA products.

The first question we are always asked is, do we not need dial tone?

The simple answer in most cases is No. Your business phone systems will run over your broadband service in the style of IP telephony. There are a few exceptions with lift lines and alarm lines but the industries are working together to eliminate these issues.

However, there is a generated dial tone on your VoIP phone system when you pick up an IP phone simply as a reassurance tone.

Another question is can we keep our telephone numbers?

Again, the simple answer is Yes, you can. All telephone numbers can be ported to the cloud and placed on your business telephone system.

With our customers saving around 30% on their line costs, it’s no wonder we are converting all of our customers to SOGEA at a very speedy rate!

And of course, EA Systems and Support’s SOGEA products are wholly in line with the 2025 upcoming changes to the BT Exchanges so our clients can rest assured

Here is what our largest VoIP services client had to say about switching their broadband services to SOGEA;

“We asked Jason if we really needed to go through the switch over as it would no doubt cause disruption. He answered it is preferential to get the switch done ahead of time and we wouldn’t even notice. He was right in that there was no disruption at all, the services have all changed to SOGEA and we save on average £96 per site per year, and there’s no difference”!

So call us now to discuss your SOGEA business broadband options and how we can offer advice on your VoIP cloud business telephone system.