How Wi-Fi can help

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WiFi: Examples of how we’ve solved business challenges

Can you remember a time without WiFi?
No matter where you are, you can usually connect to WiFi, whether that be in a café, train station, hotel, on the bus or at an event.
In the modern-day, wireless internet access is a service that is usually available everywhere, at all times. Did you know that more than 60% of businesses reported customers spend more time in their shops when free WiFi is offered? But not all organisations offer it.
From a business perspective, offering a wireless internet connection can reap so many rewards. WiFi is an asset to any business, regardless of field or industry.
Organisations who invest in corporate, public and guest WiFi solutions grow and thrive. It allows customers to connect to your brand, and you can even directly influence their behaviour.
Rather than seeing it as an expense, those who see it as an opportunity will grow their business and increase customer satisfaction.
Below is a list of seven ways businesses can benefit from having a WiFi solution include:

1. Attract new customers
2. Sell more products and services
3. Offer guests secure WiFi access
4. Improve brand reputation
5. Gain customer data for marketing (GDPR compliant of course)
6. Increase staff mobility
7. Provide flexibility to work around the office

Care Home- Gillingham
A large care home client of ours was experiencing trouble with coverage within one of their homes. This was due to the unusual shape of the building and the material of the build.
We were able to deploy Wireless Access Points around the building on each floor in places where they not obvious to the residents or the visiting families.
The coverage was 100% and all staff and visitors were able to use their relevant broadband connections
Large Warehouse Unit- Poole
Warehouse units are often a problem when it comes to WiFi coverage. This is due to the materials used in building units, primarily metal. And WiFi signals don’t like metal!
In deploying Wireless Access Points throughout the unit, the staff and visitors were able to continue working with full wireless capability.

Day Nursery- Lymington
The nursery was placed within an old church and church hall that are adjoining. Unfortunately wireless signals were poor due to the thickness of the walls (back when they were made properly some may say)!
In placing the wireless router in one building and placing Wireless Access Points in the other building, the coverage was around 97% which allowed the staff to upload the profiles and information to the cloud efficiently.