Get Ready for now and the future with EAS-y Hosted Telephony

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Imagine if a customer tried to call you and no one answered. No response, no auto-attendant, no voicemail, no divert. Nothing.

If this happened when someone called you, would this represent how you want to be seen by existing and prospective customers?

It’s not too late to make positive changes to your business comms.

When was the last time you evaluated the communications solutions you have in place?

• Is it fit for purpose?
• Does your technology allow your teams to work remotely and on the go?
• Does it enable you to deliver the levels of service your customers expect?
• Does it empower your teams to maintain a healthy work/ life balance, even when working from home?

All this and more is possible. If you answered no to the any of the above, it’s time to make a change!


The introduction to remote and flexible working

2020 presented challenges to both big and small companies, that no one predicted. Many businesses for the first time, experienced their entire workforce working remotely. This saw a huge change in the way their teams communicated.

When faced with introducing remote working, some struggled. They were, and still are, trying to operate with outdated technology that won’t work from home the same as in the office.

Businesses became limited in how they performed normal day to day tasks. Phone systems that couldn’t work from home, temporary call diverts having to be set up and customer enquiries going unanswered. Unnecessary headaches that could have been avoided because of the inability to easily make, take and transfer calls.

For those already using VoIP communications, the transition to home working was seamless.

Those dominating this ‘new normal’ didn’t create a time machine to see into the future. But they were savvy enough to invest in technology to make them future proof for the present and the future.

Technology is constantly evolving and its important businesses keep up.

We’ve highlighted below why moving to a cloud-based phone system will help you get tech-ready and dominate the new normal.

The shift to using VoIP or cloud telephony
There are two main shifts that have increased the importance of cloud telephony over the last year. Firstly the rise of remote and flexible working and secondly the demise of traditional phone lines.

Don’t be daunted by the term ‘Cloud Phone Systems’. They’re extremely user friendly and can be tailored to suit your business needs.

What is a cloud phone system?
In simple terms, cloud phone systems are communications solutions ‘housed’ on the internet. This means you can access your phone system from anywhere, making calls, transfer calls, set up call routing plans. Plus you still have access to popular phone system features from voicemail and music on hold.

All you need for a cloud-based phone system is a WiFi connection and you’re ready to work from home, in the office, or on the move.

Personalise the way you work
Cloud phone systems give you the ability to work from your PC, laptop, mobile phone, or tablet, which gives you a greater opportunity to create a personalised working setup.

Designed with flexibility in mind, employees can be present and be contacted from the same number, no matter what device and where they’re working from.


Maximise employee productivity

With the presence function, employees can easily access the presence function to let other team members know when they’re available and when they’re not. This ensures callers aren’t left on hold and waiting needlessly.

Plus, with a cloud-based phone system, workflow is consistent and interaction is always possible. Being able to receive and make calls and share information easily with one another, from anywhere, via calls, SMS or direct messaging creates a seamless process that was once impossible to achieve outside of the office.

Save your business money

Cloud communications solutions offer many great benefits over traditional on-premise PBX systems thanks to their flexibility, scalability and affordability factors.

Getting ahead of the game and futureproofing your business thanks to the features of cloud phone systems, you’ll be boosting your business’ bottom line and maximising your productivity.


And there’s no better time to make the switch to the cloud.

In 2016, BT announced that it would be phasing out ISDN circuits (copper lines). These traditional phone lines have been in use since 1986 and will switch off in the coming years because of the cost to maintain.

It is inevitable you’ll need to move to a solution that allows you to deliver calls via the internet. With copper lines no longer in service, cloud communications should be at the front of your mind as an option for futureproofing your communications.


Helping you find the right cloud phone to suit your specific business needs

While cloud technologies have never been more relevant or popular, you may still have questions about whether moving to the cloud is the right route for your business. Our team would be happy to demo our cloud phone systems and provide a no-obligation quotation. Get in touch today. Call 01202 614061 or complete our online contact us form.