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Phone Systems Support

Even with the rise in email and instant messaging, telephone conversations with your customers and even between staff is crucial in order to operate business in the 21st century.

A phone system sits in an office and does what it has to do. Often it’s only when there is a problem do businesses realise that their phone is a primary method of communication. Every minute that your phone system is down you can expect huge disruption to your business, loss of sales, and productivity of staff. A phone system outage can be detrimental to your business in unknown proportions.


Peace of mind and super speedy repair

An EAS support package can provide you with the insurance and peace of mind that any problems you do have with your phone system are minimised. Your business stays operational, you receive market leading SLAs and around the clock support with a bespoke maintenance package that is tailored to your needs.


Didn’t buy from us?

Even if you didn’t buy your phone system from us here at EAS we can still help you out. Our level of knowledge across business telephone systems is vast and therefore you need not worry!


Advice along the way

At EAS, not only do we support your system, we also advise your business on how it can amend the system and evaluate new technologies that may be available to suit your ever-changing business needs. This allows you to always get the most out of your phone system and your budget; always handy and always available with our support offers.



Service coverage throughout the UK providing prompt onsite repairs if necessary.